About Project

Park Mavera 3, attracts attention because of its ownership planned as the new center of Başakşehir city square, official institution areas, 380 thousand square meters botanical city park, Europe’s largest city hospital, 450 thousand m2 of ibn-i Haldun University will be built on a valuable location.

Park Mavera, which has apartments from 1+0 to 5+1 and has apartments in different sizes, rises in 9 blocks and rises in a land area of 50,696 m2. on which Park Mavera 3 was raised  on39,586 m2 of the land, and about 78% was designed as a landscaping area.

Investor Advances in Developments

Başakşehir New Center, the center of New Istanbul, which has investment-friendly and planned-friendly land, continues to grow with private sector investments as well as the huge public investments that Istanbul has needed for years. Urban planning, which is not suitable for any other region of Turkey, comes to life in the new center of the new city with all the opportunities it provides. Park Mavera 3, located in the center of the new city, is being built next to the botanical city park, adjacent to investments such as Turkey’s first planned city square, ibn Haldun University, and 8 specialized hospitals. Park Mavera’s on the ring road and TEM connecting roads carries your investment to the future with its rich transportation infrastructure such as metro and tram…

Park Mavera is very comfortable to reach…

Everything has been considered for your comfort in Park Mavera. When you leave your home, there is a subway on your right and a tram to your left. In addition to all the facilities of public transportation, it is very comfortable for park mavera residents to go to any part of Istanbul by private car. Park Mavera residents leave their homes and connect directly to TEM, the third Bridge Link Road and the third Ring Road. It will take only 15 minutes to cross from Park Mavera to the Anatolian Side via the Bridge Link Road of three.

Hundreds of thousands of square meters of botanical city park…

The city park in Park Mavera, where you will be neighbouring, not only cleans the air you breathe, but also offers unique facilities where you can have a more enjoyable time with your family. The city park, which will allow you to start your day every morning with the soothing colors of nature.

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