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Park Mavera, built in Turkey’s first planned city square, comes to life in a center that can meet all your needs. Park Mavera, consisting of 556 apartments in 7 blocks on an area of 43 thousand square meters, was planned as a life center with every detail thought out. Park Mavera, which consists of 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartment types, offers indoor swimming pools, fitness rooms, Turkish baths, fin baths, saunas and steam rooms standard and free of charge in the double social facility where you can have fun with your family.

Park Mavera is in Turkey’s first planned city square…

As soon as you walk out the door, would you like to reach one of istanbul’s meeting points, the most pleasant and planned square? Turkey’s first planned city square, including Park Mavera, will leave your home and give you easy access to everything you need.

Park Mavera is very comfortable to reach…

Everything’s been considered for your comfort in Park Mavera. When you leave your home, there is a subway on your right and a tram to your left. In addition to all the facilities of public transportation, it is very comfortable for Park Mavera residents to go to any part of Istanbul by private car.. Residents of Park Mavera, leave their homes and connect directly to to TEM, 3.Bridge Link Road and to the Free Way. It takes only 15 minutes to cross the Bridge Link to the Anatolian Side.

Hundreds of thousands of square meters of botanical city park…

The city park in Park Mavera, where you will be neighbouring, not only cleans the air you breathe, but also offers unique facilities where you can have a more enjoyable time with your family. The city park, which will allow you to start your day every morning with the soothing colors of nature.

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