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The lack of prestigious workspaces in Başakşehir, which has long been felt, ends with Nidakule Kayaşehir. Nidakule Kayaşehir, the first and only A+ office tower of Başakşehir, the investment center of the European side, reflects the quality and privilege of Tahincioğlu to your business with the assurance of Emlak Konut Housing.

A+ OFFICE TOWER raising standards

Think of the investments made in Başakşehir. These investments, together with Nidakule Kayaşehir, have the opportunity to reach their potential..

iving, entertainment and transportation investments in the region are crowned with an A+ office tower and living standards in the region are on the rise with Nidakule Kayaşehir and Palladium Kayaşehir Mall.

Together with Your Business Productivity Living Standards…

Important projects such as city square, regional park and health city together with official institutions in Başakşehir raise your living standards along with your business efficiency.

Nidakule Kayaşehir is in an easily accessible and difficult-to-give up position. In addition to Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and Istanbul New Airport, metro and tram surve you rapidity and comfort.

Palladium Kayaşehir SHOPPING MALL

Palladium Kayaşehir Shopping Mall further increases the investment power of Başakşehir’s first and only A+ office tower. It promises the pleasure of a complete living space with world-famous restaurants, shops and entertainment areas.

Nidakule Kayaşehir offers your dream A+ office with comfort and facilities far beyond your dreams, with office types diversified according to different needs.

The technical consultancy service unit is always ready for service to meet customer demands and to provide solutions to possible disruptions.

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