About project

A first in the housing sector in Turkey… A unique project approach in which those who own apartments from the housing project will have a hobby garden on the side parcel… Moreover, a gift to a custom-made hut in fenced-enclosed gardens!

High Standards

Bahçetepe Istanbul is an unrivalled project with high standards of equipment, quality and harmony in selected materials, environmental project features as well as private hobby gardens, which is a first in the housing sector…

High Investment Value

Bahçetepe Istanbul is adjacent to Europe’s largest Health City and opposite the Olympic stadium. It has transportation facilities such as Metro and Tem… Investment value is 450 million TL.

Macro construction & Akyapı construction Joint Venture

Some of our families emigrated to Istanbul, some for work, some for professional necessity, some for education, some we chose to live just because we love Istanbul.. We all lived in this city with pleasure. But there were moments when we got tired of istanbul’s metropolitan life and said, “I wish we could breathe a sigh of relief, stretch our feet and listen to the chirping of birds, play with safety and fun for our children, united with green and earth,and peace. Now there’s a project that will put an end to our aspirations. A big project that will respond to all the wishes you expect from a life forehead, even more…

With the assurance of “Macro construction & Akyapı Construction Joint Venture”…

Welcome toBahçetepe İstanbul

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