About project

Kayabasi Emlak  Houses with a total construction area of 478,157,48 m²; Kayabasi District, Başakşehir district Istanbul Province, ,; It consists of 375 1+1, 1097 2+1, 1078 3+1 and 49 4+1 dwellings, 74 commercial units, and 1 primary school.

Respectful to The Environment and Nature

Kayabasi Masterplan and then the island-based project, creating a center of attraction in a rural area, respectfor the environment and nature, a concept that includes green has been adopted. When environmental data is taken into account, it is in a topographically dynamic landscape, with a wide recreational potential to the west, and social equipment and other settlements to the east.

Transportation Network…

The transport network is in sections suitable for motor vehicles, heavy vehicles and public transport around the masterplan area and is suitable for network motor vehicles and public transport within the planned area.

In addition, wide pedestrian sidewalks, bicycle paths and uninterrupted pedestrian connections within the island and users’ access in all directions is multi-layered. Access to all building blocks has been made possible directly/uninterruptedly from the internal transportation routes and main spine axles.

Environmental Sensitivity

In order to integrate our environmental sensitivity and today’s technologies into our projects,

the number of electric vehicle chargers specified in the project will be installed. These chargers, which will also encourage the use of electric vehicles, will contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

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