About project

The project process, designed in 458-20 parcels in The Kayabasi District, Başakşehir district, which is one of istanbul’s major areas of development, is a national architecture that was opened in May 2014 with the union of TOKI and Real Estate Housing under the name of “7 climates 7 Regions from Tradition to the Future” started with the project competition.

Project Features

  • Radiated generalized foundation,
  • Earthquake-resistant building design and construction
  • Children’s playgrounds, relaxation areas and hiking trails,
  • Large green space throughout the project,
  • Social Facility (indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, hammam),
  • Planned landscaping and automatic irrigation system,
  • The number of elevators specified in the project in the blocks,
  • Access to floors from parking lots by elevators,
  • Coating heat insulation,
  • Generator system with the capacity to provide 100% redundant energy in all common areas,
  • Site-wide environmental lighting,
  • Central satellite TV (SMATV),
  • Fire detection and notification system with digital address in accordance with the broadcast system regulations,
  • Emergency announcement sound system in the blocks and parking lots specified in the project
  • Color video intercom system,
  • 249 indoor and 40 outdoor car parks,
  • Security-controlled entry system at the site entrance,
  • closed-circuit environmental security (CCTV) system with 24/7 monitoring and recording throughout the site,
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system in closed car parks

Comfortable Plans…

Residential interiors are planned in sufficient size and comfort. The apartments, planned with all the needs of the Turkish family type in mind, are also modern and meet the needs of the day. As typology; all dwellings are designed to determine and meet their requirements in a wide range. As can be seen in the types of apartments, the spaces are planned in such a way that there will be no loss of space; each residence (one with an ensuite bathroom) has two bathrooms, a large balcony associated with laundry niche, kitchen and seating, spacious and spacious living area, spacious bedrooms. There are adequate storage and technical areas in basements for each apartment belonging to the blocks planned at different grade. The indoor and outdoor car parks, also planned according to the grades, with their comfortable entrances and exits, are planned to meet the needs of both the site and the guest vehicles. All parking spaces are connected to their living spaces with the help of a direct elevator and stairs with the block they are concerned with. Another important feature of the project is that although it is located on a very sloping terrain; the positioning of ramps and elevators where disabled people, the elderly and women with babies can easily reach any point. In this way, all access problems have been solved in the project and a design that is integrated from all points has been created.

layered. Access to all building blocks has been made possible directly/uninterruptedly from the two transportation routes and main spine axles.

Environmental Sensitivity

The circle blocks, which form enclosed spaces that harmonically match open spaces, are designed to be as small as possible on a human scale. Different floor plans and apartment plans were created to meet all kinds of user needs. In addition to 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and duplex options, the garden terrace, roof terrace, open and closed balcony alternatives are created and the user is given the chance to choose his own spatial choice. It was aimed to keep the continuity of the neighborhood and street living habits alive with balconies and bays, and the richness of the façade was achieved by distributing different apartment types to different places in the plan plane. With the different planning of apartments on each floor, various family buildings are allowed to meet on the same floor. One of the most important approaches here is to find out what is going on in the world. people will adopt their own habitat as a home.

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