At the heart of life, a new istanbul.

Bulvar Istanbul is both in the center of the city and in the heart of life. Don’t you want all the social facilities you’re looking for in the immediate vicinity of the house where you live? Bulvar Istanbul, which will be implemented in Başakşehir region, where qualified and luxurious housing projects are getting more and more attention every day, is one step closer with its unique location.

Every road connects the Bulvar Istanbul.

All new roads offered by Istanbul, which develops different transportation options with its growing infrastructure every day, are opening up to Boulevard Istanbul. Whether by your car or public transport to reach the new center of the city is getting easier and easier day by day. It offers both a peaceful life isolated from the noise of the city and a life intertwined with the dynamism of the city with easy access to the metro, TEM highway, Ataturk Airport and the second bridge.

We wouldn’t have done this way if we didn’t know you..

Bulvar Istanbul;  combines all the needs of modern life with an environmentally conscious architecture so that you can enjoy life more. Bulvar Istanbul, which will be implemented with emlak REIT of Ozülke and Ozkar Joint Venture; Two stages, 15 blocks. Approximately 1500 houses will be included in the project from 1+1 to 5+1 different types of apartments. In Bulvar  Istanbul; private movie theater for family movies, lounge-lounge areas for your invitations and organizations, hot water pools for keeping you tired of the day and living healthy, water therapy rooms, sports facilities and Turkish Baths are happier for your children from children’s education and play rooms to their growth, there are many opportunities to cater to different tastes. Bulvar istanbul; With its rich social life opportunities, it invites you and your family to evaluate every moment of life in the highest quality.

The Bulvar Stage is the meeting point of life.

The Bulvar Stage, where large hiking trails flowing through lavender gardens meet the restaurant-café by the pond, is designed for those who want to socialize during the day and meet nature. The technical consultancy service unit is always ready for service to meet customer demands and to provide solutions to possible disruptions.

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