About Project

While istanbul, which does not fit in its container, is growing step by step, with the New city project, Başakşehir is becoming a new center. Başakşehir, which has become a very large-scale investment area, rises from four branches: business, housing, public spaces and transportation points.

New city, which will host a population of 1 million, will start from Kemerburgaz and extend to Kucukcekmece, encompassing Başakşehir, covering the third airport site.

Step into the center of life.

Adım  Istanbul, and it is a center of attraction with The Thousand Step Street, which runs from the Başakşehir metro stop in Step Square to the city park and the city square. Everyone who comes to Başakşehir will leave the metro stop in Step Square and use our main street dividing our project in half and reach the city park in just 1000 steps on foot.

It’s only a few steps away from the life you miss.

Adım istanbul square, two steps from your home, is not only the starting point of social life in Başakşehir, but also the metro station is located here. Adım istanbul’s heart beats in this square surrounded by hiking trails, green areas and ornamental pools.

Stylish cafes and shopping options await you in the street stores under the houses of Adım Istanbul. Here you will be able to walk safely at any time and spend time with your family and loved ones in the relaxation areas.

Our Quality Standards

Adım Istanbul, where quality, superior materials, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship quality are combined, has been managed with customer-oriented quality approach in all processes from design to production phase; quality of life and comfort in the foreground and projected with the understanding of “human first”.

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